In the age of instant translations by machines and the vast
information on the Internet, I offer high quality translation
services that are superior to the machine translation and
are catered for client's needs. My strength of translating
technical documents stems from my in-depth professional
and academic backgrounds in science and engineering,
which allow me to professionally understand the contents
of source docs and confidently deliver concise and
accurate translation. I strive very hard for your satisfaction
and will work until you are satisfied with my services. I also
act as an interpreter in technical meetings.

  • Provide high quality and catered services at competitive fees.
  • Provide prompt and meticulous services without compromise.
  • Provide convenient and dependable services for 7 days a week.

  • Translation
          I offer this service to a client who would like to have translation of Japanese
   (or English) docs including but not limited to academic papers, manuals,
  specifications and patents.
  • Search on the Internet
          I offer this service to a client who would like to have reports on Japanese
  subjects of his/her interest. I thoroughly search the relevant information in
  Japanese websites and summarize the findings in English. In particular, for
  inventors, I offer Japanese patent search for novelty, prior art, invalidation,
  and infringement.
  • Doc Review
          I offer this service to a client who would like to minimize translation of
  litigation related docs which are usually huge and most of them are
  irrelevant. I sift through the docs and filter and prioritize them based on the
  issues which have been provided by the client. I prepare a summary of
  relevant docs in English for the client’s review.
  • Interpretation
        I offer this service to a client who would like to overcome the language
  barrier in conversation, discussion or negotiation.

If there is an one-to-one correspondence between two languages, no human
translators are needed.
Technical Japanese-English Translation Solutions
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