Technical Japanese-English Translation Solutions
                            Litigation Support

There are several ways to handle foreign language documents in the discovery
stage of an international lawsuit. First, translate all of the documents into
English by experienced human translators, which may be prohibitory expensive
and time consuming due to sheer volume of the documents. Second, translate
all of them by a machine translator, which causes uncertainty and frustration
due to poor quality of translation and also requires an additional translation by
human for submission to court.

As an alternative, I offer prescreen of them in the original languages (Japanese
in my case). I sift through the documents and filter and prioritize them based on
the issues which have been provided by the client. I prepare summaries of
relevant documents for the client’s review. Document sifting helps the client to
save both time and money by ensuring that only those documents that are
relevant are translated. Screening and translation may be performed on-site at
the client's office.

Particularly notable experience is my involvement with reviewing thousands of
Japanese documents related to an automotive defect lawsuit. I also participated
in reviewing of software at a secure place where no recording devices are
allowed.  This project lasted one and a half years.
International Litigation